As the Government implemented guidelines to manage the COVID-19 crisis continue to impact everyone, companies must also make sure they are continuing to think about and plan for the eventual return to normal activities.

As you begin to think about your recovery plan from the extended lockdown period and develop your strategy to resume business, you may be considering ways to reduce costs and develop more efficient ways of working in your company. When certain conditions are met and there is control of the spread of the virus, the Government have stated they will have a controlled relaxation of the lockdown procedures. This could mean that your business can begin to ramp up manufacturing again.

What issues could arise?

As you will no doubt be aware, following on from a prolonged plant shutdown, you could experience many issues during your start up process, for example:

  • Contamination of pre-assembled and assembled parts
  • Numerous labelling issues
  • Skills shortage (key people still not available or have left the business)
  • Familiarisation with the process (people require refreshment training)
  • Communication to return to work is fragmented or miss understood

How to combat any issues

It’s important to consider what plans are required to ensure any issues experienced are overcome and managed effectively and efficiently.

Considerations can include:

  • Parts quality sweeps, ensuring that all parts are marked OK ready for your start-up
  • Extra quality gates or firewalls
  • Supplying shop floor training during the slow ramp-up
  • Identifying any energy or environmental issues
  • Line balancing

Once you have identified which plans are essential to the success of your start-up, you need to devise whether you will be managing them internally or to engage with a third party to support the business.

As a third-party cost reduction, inspection services and training provider, we can offer advice and services to ensure your company has a successful start-up.

You can find out more about our services here or get in contact with the team.