With many years’ experience in the manufacturing environment, we can develop bespoke training courses. Key focus areas would be behaviours and actions to deliver a rounded learning experience that will support improvements in your people and the workplace.

Bespoke training is about changing people’s mindsets and behaviours at all levels of an organisation. To enable and support training activities, managers/leaders and employees will benefit from reviewing their skill set in such things as leadership, communication, problem solving and teamwork.


Our Training Services

Continuous Improvement Philosophy

The key with continuous improvement is not to just focus on tangible outcomes but to see the benefits in people’s mindsets. Too many companies get bogged down by fire fighting to keep their heads above water. The job controls them rather than the other way around. What you want employees to do is think when they come into work, not just do.

The CI philosophy is to develop a mindset where looking for ways to improve, develop and reduce waste in all its forms becomes the default mindset. We work directly with our clients to develop tailored CI workshops to create tangible cost savings results.

Lean Toolbox

The Lean toolbox provides the means to turn ideas into actions and ultimately results, both tangible and intangible.

By incorporating the Lean Toolbox into our training workshops, we can teach businesses how to improve processes, procedures and working environments to create intangible benefits.

By working together on the workshop, you improve and develop working relationships, effective communication, interpersonal skills and problem solving. In turn, creating ownership and accountability.

Lean building blocks

We can provide training in all aspects of the Lean toolbox. You may want to change the management culture, instill basic 5S and standardised work on the shopfloor or want to introduce good problem solving. We can help.

We provide bespoke training on any or all of the Lean principles including soft skills training at all levels, from effective teams to improved Leadership skills. Our methodology is to come and talk to you and potential course participants to gain an understanding of exactly what it is your business requires.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed and informal learning environment where participants feel comfortable to join in, share their experiences, debate and take away the lessons learnt to improve their lean skills and open their minds to different ways of thinking and acting.

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Our courses

We are our accredited by a number of awarding bodies and are able to deliver a variety of training courses for manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies.

International Lean Six Sigma courses

Yellow Lean Six Sigma
Green Lean Six Sigma

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Highfield Qualifications course

BIT Level 2 Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques

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The CPD Certification Service courses

Health and Safety
Workplace Organisation
Throughput Improvement Process
Practical Problem Solving
Lean Awareness
Kaizen Philosophy
Standardised Work
Continuous Improvement Process
Visual Management

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