Inspection Services

At Bluestones Manufacturing Solutions, we provide a range of inspection services that allow clients to fully manage control of the cost of poor quality from inward goods receiving to dispatch to their customers.

Having had many years’ experience in the manufacturing environment, we are able to respond with a sense of urgency to get the initial containment in place.

Our experienced teams can provide support to run detailed containment activities to protect the end customer.

We can work at your premises or offsite, and online/offline if necessary.

Inspection services

Our Inspection Services

1. I.G.I (Inward good inspection)
Inward good inspection is the very start of our client’s processes and focuses on the raw material and components. We assess the quality and quantity to ensure they meet the expected criteria and specifications required. This inspection could cover 100% of the parts delivered or might be a selected sample. It can be tailored to suit internal requirements based upon the supplier’s ability to provide OK parts on a regular basis.
2. I.L.I (In line inspection)
Our inspection teams are set up to assure that unfinished parts or products meet the standards expected. We provide positive feedback upstream to allow corrective actions to be taken that eliminate waste and therefore reduce nonvalue added costs.
3. E.O.L.I (End of line inspection)
We place our inspection teams at the very end of the production area to make sure that the produced product meets the standards expected by their customers. We operate with boundary samples being present to allow for the correct decision to be made on whether the product is OK or NOK. Should there be a doubt we place the suspect part into quarantine for further inspection within a company. Our philosophy is simple. We protect our client from causing their customers “noise” by sending unqualified or faulty parts.
4. Part to label
The correct part being in the correctly labelled container is critical to our clients. We provide a service that is tailored to suit either a random % check on parts being dispatched or if there is a known failure a 100% check of all parts within each container to make sure they match the labelling.
5. Upstream and market sweeps
Our inspection teams can deliver customer sweeps of all parts that are in the logistical supply chain, from point of fit, warehouse holding and deliveries in transit. During this inspection, our teams will be in place until all concerned are happy that the defined cut off delivery of quantified parts is ready to be used again.