Cost Reduction

At Bluestones Manufacturing Solutions, we believe in providing solutions which will ultimately save our clients time and money.

Our team is capable of providing support to run or facilitate continuous improvement workshops, looking at all forms of waste such as process flow, line balancing/headcount, quality improvements, energy management and environmental issues.

For example, we are capable of driving throughput improvements in production processes, given the autonomy to achieve results or train and coach others to achieve the same results.

cost reduction

Our Cost Reduction Services

Throughput Improvement

Throughput improvement (TIP) is an excellent tool to drive improvements in building scheduled parts on time with good quality. It is a simple process managed by local supervision and supported by management.

A simple board to display data gathering, pareto analysis, daily schedule attainment and action plans should be installed at the problem area. The key is to gather data on downtime in real-time and display it close to the process in question.


Regular reviews as often as is necessary to discuss issues as they arise, assign ownership and agree on timely corrective action feedback.


All stakeholders and support groups should be represented. It is vitally important that senior management attends for two reasons. To ensure collective attendance and most importantly create and maintain a ‘sense of urgency’.


This Lean tool works if, and we cannot emphasise this enough, management buy-in and actively support the process of improvement.

REMEMBER – ‘A SENSE OF URGENCY’ is the key. By working together as a team, with effective communication and urgent action, you will see improvements.

Continuous Improvement workshops

Continuous Improvment workshops can be conducted to create tangible cost savings such as headcount reduction, line balancing and lead time. We have the skills and experience to train you how to do it and previous hands on knowledge to manage your workshop.

Through our workshops, we can help you discover many forms of waste in any process, whether it be in production, supply chain, cost of quality and support services such as engineering and maintenance or office functions. CI can be used anywhere.

CI can also be used to improve processes, procedures and working environments to create intangible benefits.

By working together on the workshop, you improve and develop working relationships, effective communication, interpersonal skills and problem solving. You create ownership and accountability.

We can provide additional training to teach the CI (kaizen) mindset. Find out more about how we can support you by visiting our training page.

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