Lean Manufacturing Skills – Extensive Supervisor Training Programme


The customer is a global server cabinet manufacturer based in Plymouth. Following running critical production throughput workshops with them and increasing production by 40% in a week, the customer approached us to provide supervisor training in leaderships skills and lean manufacturing techniques.

Nature of service

Bluestones Manufacturing Solutions was engaged to by the customer a second time to provide supervisor training to 27 participants.


The target of the project was to design and deliver five modules encompassing safety, workplace organisation (5S), leadership skills, continuous improvement, effective communication, standardised work, line balancing and one piece flow.


  • Interview and build a relationship with all participants prior
  • Create bespoke course modules to fit their needs
  • Conduct follow up visits to check for understanding

Project highlights


feedback score

Across all 5 modules, we received an average of 98% positive feedback from the participants.

Following the supervisor training, the customer engaged us again and asked Bluestones Manufacturing Solutions to create a specific training module for senior management based on elements of the supervisor training delivered.