Critical Production Throughput Workshop


The customer is a global server cabinet manufacturer based in Plymouth. They initially produced approximately 600 server cabinets a day for clients globally.

Due to large international demand, it is important for the company to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Nature of service

Bluestones Manufacturing Solutions was engaged to set up and run Throughput Improvement activity with full autonomy.


The target of the project was to achieve 24-hour production schedules within a week.


  • Understand current situation
  • Engage with and involve all key stakeholders
  • Set up live data gathering and downtime recording
  • Analyse data and produce paretos
  • Set up two hourly meeting all day
  • Discuss issues found, give ownership and close out
  • Create a sense of urgency

Project highlights


increase in production in one week

Over the course of the project, which lasted a week, our customer saw a 40% increase in production. After the project was completed Bluestones Manufacturing Solutions was asked to train all the Supervision team in leadership skills and lean manufacturing techniques.

Our follow up visits have also shown that the results have been maintained as are the tracking boards and 5S standards. These behaviours have now been embedded in the manufacturer’s employees and are now the norm.